What is the WaterInnovator?

The knowledge platform for waterchallenges and solutions in the horticultural sector. This is achieved by knowledge valorisation and co-development of new technologies. 

What does the WaterInnovator offer


Specialist in Innovation

The WaterInnovator is the main focal point between  producers, start-ups and knowledge institutes. Challenges for the sector are identified and collaborations are formed to setup new technologies.


Innovation collaborations

The gap between the innovation and the market is bridged by collaborations where new products are developed and tested. From fresh ideas, to prototypes, to products for the market.


Knowledge platform

Our sector only grows if knowledge is exchanged. The new product which are formed in the collaborations are shared with the public. This can be knowledge articles of digital tools.


Public-private collaboration

The founders of the WaterInnovator program are the Westland Municipality in the Netherlands and Royal Brinkman. The goal is to stimulate technological development of watertechnologies in the Westland region. 


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